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Landscaping services, coupled with its lawn mowing services, have been sidelined a bit in the pandemic’s first few months, however, since its importance in keeping and maintaining the new status of landscapes. Lawns cannot be overemphasized. They could go back quickly to render their stewards of the environment roles.


Much emphasis was given to environmental sustainability in the last three decades. With the establishment that man is the only species who is the culprit behind ecological degradation, steps were taken to alleviate these destructive practices. The United Nations organized to be the governing body that oversees human activities’ many aspects, established policies to mitigate somehow if not eliminate the pinpointed causes of degradation.


The Science of Ecology


Ecology is a biological science that deals with organisms’ relationships to one another and to their physical environment. Ernst Haeckel coined it in 1866, but its development came in the 18th and 19th century with much progress attained only in the latter half of the 20th century. Since then, ecology or environmental science became a byword in schools and universities, and congresses’ halls worldwide. Climate change became the subject of debates, rallies, and environmentalists.


Why is Ecology or Environmental Science essential even to landscaping near me?


The study of ecology is vital to ensure that human beings understand the impact their actions have on the environment and the entire planet. Its importance includes the following:


Enhances environmental conservation


Ecology allows us to understand that the resources are not finite. That the non-renewable resources like coal, minerals, natural gas, petroleum, etc., that can be found here on this planet will soon be depleted if conservation measures will not be implemented. The sciences make us aware of how these resources were created. Moreover, where they are abundant, how they are utilized, how much supply is still available, and what measures to undertake for their wise use and conservation. Making people realize this will make them active participants in conservation strategies and programs.


Promotes eco-friendly practices


Nowadays, all school-age children are already aware of what and what not to do to reduce air pollution and preserve aquatic and marine resources. Nations have passed and implemented laws that promote environmental sustainability. From reuse, reduction, and recycling practices to converting to similar green practices in every aspect of human life. People are encouraged to be more inclusive, adopting an outlook that considers and respects all of God’s creation.


Helps in the understanding and prevention of diseases


The spread of diseases can also be prevented by understanding some of the environmental factors that affect their causation. Some diseases are transferred through insects or vectors like dengue, malaria, and sleeping sickness. Knowing how to manipulate the environment by which these vectors thrive will go a long way in eradicating them.

These are just a few of the importance of ecology. When the concepts and strategies learned are applied to everyday existence, including landscaping and lawn mowing services, much can be accomplished to attain ecological stability and sustainability. When lawn care experts institute practices leaving no stagnant water for mosquitoes to breed and cause malaria or dengue hemorrhagic fever, that is a significant measure in eradicating those diseases. When they ensure the diversity of species and that these same species interact symbiotically, they contribute to ensuring essential components’ longevity- not only for humanity but also for all the other species necessary for ecological sustainability.